Wednesday, May 11, 2005


"By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things which are visible." - Hebrews 11:3
A servant of the Word emphasizes that all of the Bible is true, including the miraculous events recorded in it. Our God is a God of miracles. He dwells in majesty and legions of angels surround him in praise. Angels and demons exist, just as they are described in the Bible. Though God is invisible, He is not far from us since He hears and answers our prayers. The miracles performed by Christ and the Apostles are true, just as they are recorded in the Bible. Lazarus was in the grave for four days and with a command by Jesus, instantly came from the grave in full health (John 11:43,44). Jesus was pierced through for man's transgressions, was buried, and was raised by the Spirit on the third day, just as it is described in the Bible. From the Old Testament, true is the miraculous deliverance that God gave Judah when He struck and killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night (2 Kings 19). It's true that Jonah lived for three days in the belly of a sea creature before he was spat out: and Jesus believed it too (Jonah 1:17; Matthew 12:40). And God made the world, full-grown, with the appearance of age, in six 24-hour periods, just as it is recorded in the Bible. When He created the first man and woman, being full-grown adults, they had the appearance of age. Trees and plants were producing fruit to be eaten just moments after they were spoken into existence. This is the miracle that is described in the book of Genesis.

These issues with evolutionary science are not unimportant and must be addressed by people of faith. Some might want to suggest that we can have a separation between what we believe scientifically and what we hold as faith, but it's not possible because the spiritual and physical realms have intersected. Because God interacted with the physical realm, Believers must consider the reality of the supernatural events as they are described in the Bible. The greatest example of the physical and spiritual realm being crossed, or bridged, is when Jesus Christ emptied Himself of His glory in heaven and came to earth to live as a human. God has bridged the chasm between the two realms at other times. From time to time, He worked great miracles: reference the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, the special ministries of Elijah and Elisha who were miracle workers on a par with Christ and the Apostles, and the ministry of Christ and the Apostles. God listens to prayer and, in ways not explainable, manipulates things in this physical world: healing the sick, protecting lives, and opening doors for ministry. The Hebrew writer says that God made everything from what is invisible (Hebrews 11:3). The book of Genesis tells us that God created all that exists in our universe in six days. The fact that God (a non-physical Being) interacts with this physical world, demands that we not create some artificial wall of separation between our faith and what we believe about Science. Science cannot explain God away and the miracle that is this life on earth cannot be explained apart from God.

In the Church, the debate is not over whether God created everything, but how long He took to do it? Did He do it through an instantaneous creation or did He create by evolving everything over billions of years (also known as Theistic Evolution)? Experience shows there is not much gained by adopting the latter: except for a degree of favor by others who accept evolution theory as proven. But something is lost by accepting Theistic Evolution. When Jesus says that "from the beginning" of creation, God made them male and female, something is definitely lost when His word is interpreted to mean that man's beginning was several billion years after he made everything else. Also, disease and death are explained in Genesis as resulting from man's sin, but "theistic" or "progressive evolution" must teach otherwise: that these things existed prior to man's sin (For more on this, see Don Batten's "Some Questions for Theistic Evolutionists") All evolution models portray man as a latecomer. Those who believe God created through an evolution process, buy into the argument that the "days" of Genesis 1 are long, geologic periods of time: but the Hebrew word for "day" means a 24-hour day. The six literal days of creation are distorted to mean six long and uneven geologic periods of time. Evolutionists depict the history of man as small and relatively insignificant compared to the billions of years they require for their theory to work. This is not depicted in Scripture. Evolutionist don't believe in God and they do not care about the trouble they cause theistic evolutionist who have to explain to the Church just how and when the animalistic cave man, like the Neanderthal, evolved into humans with an eternal, created in image of God, soul. I advise Christians to teach that God created man "in his image" on the sixth day, that was a "very good" 24 hours (Genesis 1:26).

If you want to be a doctor or a scientist who believes the account of creation in Genesis, you can. Your faith that God created man in six days will not hinder your intellectual pursuits in the least. But if instead you place your faith in the unproven naturalistic theory of evolution and you reinterpret the miracles of the Bible, it will lead to the undoing of faith in God's Word and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Believing that God created everything, we have to be careful not to adopt an explanation that takes away from the inspired narrative of the creation. Evolution models, adopted by Theists, that say that God created everything over long, geologic periods of time, are as much about accommodation as they are about science. Believers in God's Word do not accommodate by teaching theories that take away from the clear teaching of the Bible. If you believe in God, then believe in all of the miracles of the Bible.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth", and of man it says, "in the beginning He [God] made them male and female..."


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