Thursday, July 16, 2009


"And it will be, like people, like priest;" - Hos. 4:9
The old adage, "like father, like son", relates a truth that is desirable - most of the time anyway. The child will grow to be like the parent. But what possessed the priests of Israel to become like the people? I know what was happening. It was the priests who were to lead, but the people of Israel "contended" with them (Hos. 4:4) so that the preists tickled their ears and gave them what they wanted. The priests were weak appeasers. They gave in to the pressure. It's normal for the child to become like his father, but it's so wrong for God's men to follow the sinful. How many preachers, like the priests of old, have followed and approved the impulses of worldly men and women? Doing so turned out really bad for the Israelites. Just as God would judge the people, so He would judge the priests. Minister of God, stay strong and preach the Word. Follow the Word of God, not the people.

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  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I thank God for this article, just this morning I began to pray a prayer about my enemies. The spirit of God began to say unto me, and Yea you will be hated of all men for my names sake." Then I realized that God did not call me to be liked by the world. I am a babe in the Ministry and in Christ; and have accumulated alot of enemies for being truthful. And i was wondering this morning O.k. do I not tell them the truth just let them make the mistake and support them and listen to them. Now that I have read this article things are alot clearer for me now! Thank you for have Gods word visible for other believers May God continue to Bless you in every revenue and area of your life.



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