Monday, April 14, 2008


"Healthy new-born babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells, evidence obtained by the BBC suggests." - BBC
The stem cell debate rages over the morality of harvesting the cells from aborted babies. First off, there is no evidence yet that the stem cells from aborted fetuses are going to cure anything. It is the adult stem cells, where there is no moral concern, that is bringing real promise of cures (e.g. Cardiovascular research; Degenerative Spinal Disease research). At the same time that they deny any harm from this research, here is but an example that contradicts them. We already know the horror done in abortion clinics in the name of convenience whereby babies, fully developing and recognizably human, are burned to death with saline or they are ripped piece by piece from the womb to be reassembled at the bottom of a cold bucket. They were not dead until the mother signed the paper and the highly paid doctor went to work. Now we see more depravity in the Ukraine where babies are being killed after their delivery in order to harvest stem cells and other organs. These baby parts bring money but the price is far too cheap for the precious soul.

The protection of the innocent and the punishment of the evil has been turned upside down in our godless world. Taking innocent lives is justified "the good of science" and improved quality of life. How do these people look at themselves? I'm thankful there are people like the nurse Mary Bauer who refused to participate in the abortion of of a 22-month developed Down Syndrome child.

And now, there is another evil on the horizon with human clonging. The headline reads, "Now we have the technology that can make a cloned child."1 The moral concern will be with the likelihood that parents will pay to have "designer babies." With cloned babies you can choose to have a child with red hair with blue eyes, or blonde hair with blue eyes. Instead of straight, dull hair, naturally wavy hair might become the popular choice. For black children, fine non-curly hair will be preferred removing the need for straighteners, hair extensions and wigs. The most basic kinds of individuality would be gone. Shortness will be a thing of the past. Many things that make humans unique will be removed from the gene pool. Cloning could become a pandora's box of unintended consequences. The genes of some people will be considered more valuable than the genes of others. What we claim to hate the most, discimination on the basis of race, color, physical traits will be reestablished. Instead of Abercrombie and Fitch, the fashion statement of every parent would be Brad Pitt's face or Albert Einstein's brain. Dumbness and ugliness would be designed away with the right amount of money. If an undesirable trait appeared, the fetus could be discarded for the chance to clone a better one. The children wouldn't be just ours since they will share someone else's genes. The money involved would make the cloned population a superior, preferred class of people. There would be the clones and the non-clones. A new kind of "ism" will be invented. Parents and families that shield their children from marrying clones might be labeled "clonophobic". Cloning is an unnatural thing that will create a backlash against science and against the innocent clones who did not have a choice. There are other stories that the mad scientists are actually combining cow or pig genes with humans. Who wouldn't be angry to discover that they are part pig or part bovine? It's too sick to imagine, but it's the intended goal of many.
1. Cloning story...


  1. Is it safe to say that these souls will be in heaven judging us? These innocent souls are certainly with God and are enjoying his Eternity. Yet, God's plan for us is on earth. He alone is the master of life and death.

    I also think of the many people who are frozen in liquid nitrogen and IVF clinics and the like. This is horror that few contemplate.

    "Playing God" is not our role. He does it better. God have mercy on us.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you.
    I read the Bible and know that it can and will get worse, but I'm not sure people can get much worse than the person who would kill a baby to harvest his parts. Lord, Come Quickly!



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