Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have heard it said many times by Christians and non-Christians that Christians are obligated to forgive others whether or not the person who has committed an offense is apologetic or in some way repentant. Without question, Christians must forgive those who repent and they must be willing to forgive all who sin. But I question whether it is a Scriptural position to forgive the unrepentant. In my studies, I do not find that a Christian is obligated or burdened to forgive the unrepentant. We are obligated to love and pray for all men, but forgiveness is only given to those that repent.

What do you think? Must a Christian be filled with vengeance and hate if he does not forgive the unrepentant? Is it selfish to expect repentance before you will grant forgiveness? Is a Christian's own forgiveness by God in jeopardy if he chooses not to forgive until he receives an apology? If the answer to these questions is yes, then I need you to correct me. Click HERE to see my study on the subject. Feel free to leave comments.
"If God demands repentance before He forgives, we should also expect repentance. I think it is possible for us to overlook a matter and still fellowship with a person, but ultimately, repentance seems to be required before one can really be forgiven. This is a difficult matter. I appreciate the good work you are doing. Dr. Leon Crouch
Repentance is Real change beyond believing only

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