Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The graphic is by Dr. Richard B. Bliss from his book "Origins: Creation or Evolution". Here he gives a glimpse into the science of evolutionary dating. I found it interesting and I hope you do too.

How old is the earth? Billions of years old? How old is humankind? Millions or hundreds of thousands of years old? What you believe about this is really a matter of faith. Who are you going to believe is the question. Are you going to believe that the creation is a supernatural act of God, or are you going to believe that earth and the life on it is a product of time and chance?
The evolution theory of life is based upon many assumptions - the first being that there is no God. After all, evolution is the process whereby simple dead matter becomes complex living matter. It is a neverending process of reaching ever higher complexity by the mixture of ingredients matter, energy, chance and time. Given enough time and enough chances, the energy and matter react and become life. Pretty simple, right? Wrong! It's very complex and way over our head.

Now the evolutionary scientists want us to believe that this is all very scientific and they have the methods to prove ancient dates for life. The problem is that they are not dating something in a laboratory. They don't know, when using the Potassium/Argon method, how much potassium was in the original sample and they don't know whether there was migration of one or both elements. So their dates are not reliable. As we see in the Leaky case given above, the dating method gives a wide range of dates. This is where the faith part comes in. The evolutionary scientist gets to pick the most favorable date, the one that fits his hypothesis, and we get to believe him. That is not science and it is part of the reason I don't buy into the old earth theory. I'm not willing to allegorize the Bible when I firmy believe God is able to make earth and all life in a very short period of time, six days to be exact, while giving it the appearance of being around for a long time.

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