Thursday, September 13, 2007


The Apostle Paul said that light and dark have no fellowship. In our consumer world it is difficult to know when you are supporting the light or the dark. Laura Ingram was talking on the radio the other night about POWER TO THE PEOPLE, her new book that shows common citizens what they can do to make our country better. In the book she writes about the "pornification" of America, which is to say that porn has become mainstream and legitimized by many. A supporting fact she points to is how the motel and hotel industry makes a large profit from providing pornographic programming to their visitors. These motels should not be supported when there are options. Some businesses are recognizing the problem. An example of a family friendly business is Omni Hotel, a Texas-based chain, whose owner doesn't feel the company should make money from pornography. One way to make this country better is to support businesses that takes the moral high road.

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