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I'm not sure why, but the greatest part of the denominational world is of the mindset that the modern nation of Israel is somehow related to the "remant" that Old Testament prophets spoke of (Is. 10:20). Barry Segal writes in Charisma Magazine on this interest in Israel:
The year 2007 will go down in the history books as a significant turning point in God's prophetic time clock for Israel. Jerusalem has now remained a united city without walls or barbed wire for more than 40 years, and the nation will celebrate its 60th birthday in 2008 as a renewed modern state."
I don't think Segal knows much about God's time clock. 33 a.d. is much more significant in God's time clock concerning the "remant". Paul writes about the true remnant and it is not related at all to a race of people. The common denominator in the remnant is the belief in Jesus Christ.
24 even us, whom He also called, not from among Jews only, but also from among Gentiles. 25 As He says also in Hosea, "I WILL CALL THOSE WHO WERE NOT MY PEOPLE, 'MY PEOPLE,' AND HER WHO WAS NOT BELOVED, 'BELOVED.'" 26 "AND IT SHALL BE THAT IN THE PLACE WHERE IT WAS SAID TO THEM, 'YOU ARE NOT MY PEOPLE,' THERE THEY SHALL BE CALLED SONS OF THE LIVING GOD." 27 Isaiah cries out concerning Israel, "THOUGH THE NUMBER OF THE SONS OF ISRAEL BE LIKE THE SAND OF THE SEA, IT IS THE REMNANT THAT WILL BE SAVED; 28 FOR THE LORD WILL EXECUTE HIS WORD ON THE EARTH, THOROUGHLY AND QUICKLY." 29 And just as Isaiah foretold, "UNLESS THE LORD OF SABAOTH HAD LEFT TO US A POSTERITY, WE WOULD HAVE BECOME LIKE SODOM, AND WOULD HAVE RESEMBLED GOMORRAH." 30 What shall we say then? That Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, attained righteousness, even the righteousness which is by faith; 31 but Israel, pursuing a law of righteousness, did not arrive at that law. - Rom. 9:24-31
The church of Christ, comprised of people circumcised in the heart, with both Jews and Gentiles, are the true Israel. The failure to recognize this is to think carnally by emphasizing Jewish nationality and the hope of a glorious state of Israel.

I pray, as Paul did, that all Israel would repent and obey the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Until they do, they are not the remant and are lost (Rom. 10:1,2). I appreciate the modern nation of Israel and think their nation is a beacon of freedom in the world. But the true remnant, spoken of in Isaiah 10:20, has been alive and well since Jesus ascended into heaven and began His rule at the right hand of throne of God (Acts 2).

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