Thursday, November 01, 2007


"The tongue of the infant cleaves to the roof of its mouth because of thirst; The little ones ask for bread, But no one breaks it for them." (Lamentations 4:4)
Parents are busy with so many things to keep them busy. One story of interest to me is the following:
Fennell says there's been a tenfold increase in deaths of this nature since the mid-1990s. From 1990 to 1993, 11 children died in hot cars. From 2004 to 2006, 110 children died in hot cars. The numbers began to spike when, ironically, parents were urged to put their children in the back seat, away from airbags, to keep them safe." (From the Arizona Republic, Nov. 3)
A tenfold increase! This is terrible. And I feel terrible for the child and I feel terrible for the parents. But it seems indicative of the moral decline, misplaced priorities, and the overall downfall of society for there to be a tenfold increase. These days, mothers and father are both working to pay for bigger homes and more expensive cars. While the children are less disciplined, they have more. More computers, video games, and mp3 players. What they need more of is more time from their parents. After work, parents pursue their interests at the gym or shopping centers and then they swing by the daycare to pick up the children. Any one of these activities is not wrong, but there is no doubt that children are suffering neglect. Acting out behavior by chilren has increased exponentially. Teachers can't control them. Here is the answer. Parents need God. Parents need to put God first. Children needs parents who love God. And children need parents who have their priorities in line with God.

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