Friday, January 04, 2008


Every once in a while the truth slips out. Many in the world ignore or deny the failure and problem that is divorce on a society. Following Governor Huckabee's "decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses"1, David Brooks writing in the International Herald Tribune gives the following analysis for some of Huckabee's popularity:
Huckabee understands how middle-class anxiety is really lived. Democrats are good at talking about wages and jobs. But real middle-class families have more to fear economically from divorce than from a free trade pact. A person's lifetime prospects will be threatened more by single parenting than by outsourcing. Huckabee understands that economical well-being is fused with social and moral well-being, and he talks about the inter-relationship in a way no other candidate has.2
The social science data confirms what Brooks says. And if his analysis is right, then the Iowa conservatives understand how important is the family. Divorce brings pain on children, and by extension on society, and society therefore has reason to be interested in rescuing and preserving marriage as designed by God. Those who would redefine marriage to include two guys do not understand, perhaps, because they are blinded by personal biases. For sure, these change agents don't understand God. God says that He hates divorce (Malachi 2:14). He calls much of it "treachery".

As a Christian, I have a duty, whether or not the political leaders know the problem, to preach and teach the permanence of marriage. I must encourage young people to marry responsibly and to stay married if at all possible. And I must be ready to point out that many remarried couples are living in adultery. In such cases, only a permanent separation would show repentance. These are hard teachings, but they accurately reflect what the Lord, Jesus said.
"And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery." -Mt. 19:9
God hates divorce. It is a failure to keep a vow. And often it leads to adulterous marriages. And beside all of that, it hurts children and creates economic hardship in the fallout.

1. Huckabee: A New Day in Politics
2. Two Earthquakes in Iowa


  1. So on a political note, whaddya think? Is a guy who has the right stand on moral issues like abortion, divorce, etc. worth giving a nomination for President even though he's not a conservative? What would he do in regard to those issues as Pres? Would he make any significant change in the morality of culture? Personally, I doubt it hust from a pragmatic perspective. However, what affect would he have on taxes, national security, and other areas which the Pres has influence?

  2. Good question, on other issues I'm not getting a good read. In 10 years as Governor, he raised taxes more than Clinton did in 12 years in the same office. And he did commute the sentences of a lot of people. Was Carter conservative on abortion and divorce? I don't know.



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