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College Suspends Administrator for Op-Ed on Gays
Pete Winn
Senior Staff Writer - The University of Toledo has suspended with pay one of its administrators for writing a newspaper op-ed that questions whether homosexuality is a civil rights issue. The school said the administrator was suspended precisely because her views on homosexuality do not comport with those of the university, a state institution.

Crystal Dixon, associate vice president of human resources at the Ohio-based university, sparked controversy Apr. 18 when she wrote in the Toledo Free Press that she did not agree with comments by the newspaper's editor that portrayed homosexuals as civil rights victims.

In the column, "Gay rights and wrongs: another perspective," Dixon said she was not speaking on behalf of the university, but was writing privately as "a Black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo's Graduate School, an employee and a business owner." more...
The problem I see here is that Crystal Dixon is right. True civil rights and freedom issues have been co-opted by the homosexual forces because it works. People have accepted, without evidence, that being black or being homosexual is the same thing. It has become mainstream to believe a person is born gay. Though no evidence exist to show a genetic link, it has become the template and a person questions it to her peril. I can only guess that if Crystal Dixon were not part a minority, a black female, she would be sidelined without pay.

There will be trouble if you work for the "state" and your beliefs do not "comport" with it. If you work for the "state", you must learn to keep quiet. Dixon said,
"I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman," she wrote. "I am genetically and biologically a Black woman, and very pleased to be so, as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle evidenced by the growing population of PFOX (Parents and friends of Ex-Gays) and Exodus International, just to name a few."
The message to Crystal Dixon and others who want to keep their jobs. Be quiet and keep your opinions and beliefs to yourselves. Be very careful what you say against homosexuality because the "state" institutions are listening. If staying quiet is not an option for you, then get a job where your freedom of speech won't be infringed upon.
4 Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter; 5 and they called to Lot and said to him, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them." - Gen. 19:4,5
The Sodomites in Lot's day overpowered those who objected to their lifestyle. Crystal Dixon is getting a little taste of the same.


  1. Thanks for caring. It's gestures like your green titles that will save the world.

  2. You're welcome. If only everyone would do their part. I'm thinking school children could be recruited. Give them little uniforms with green armbands. And they could patrol their homes and streets and report "green" violations to the state school institutions. Violators would be offered free education at special "green" camps. Who wouldn't like a camping exercise?

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Crystal Dixon was fired on May 8th. It's a decision that I for one support. And now get this she's suing the University for violating her civil rights under the guise of religious freedom. Seems a little hypocritical when she's already on record as stating that choices (like religious affiliation) do not rise to the level of civil rights. It's amusing to say the least, but such hypocrisy is always easy to find in religious communities.

  4. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Hypocrisy is found everywhere. But just deal with the issue here. A person is born black, but a person is not born homosexual. Males and females a made for each other and homosexuality is a perversion of the natural, biological order.

  5. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Just look at the many human inventions and their effects on the environment. They are also a perversion of the natural, biological order, so what? Just because something is not as nature, "intended" for lack of a better word, does not mean it is immoral. Human space travel is unnatural, but hardly immoral.

    To me a person can have a sexual orientation without ever having had an intimate sexual experience. Just because a person decides not to or never has the opportunity to engage in certain activities does not mean they have no defined sexuality. I have been a heterosexual for far longer than I have been sexually active, just as most homosexuals find members of the same sex attractive before their first homosexual experience. I have even met a homosexual virgin, he's saving himself for the right man, but he is undoubtedly homosexual, just like many a heterosexual has saved themselves for their wedding night.

    I don't think I've ever had a choice about who I found to be sexually appealing. I certainly have choices about how I deal with my sexual feelings, however I think it is the feelings of sexual attraction that define sexuality rather than the sex act itself. All this being said, I think there is nothing immoral about 2 consenting adults of the same sex deciding to engage in a sexual relationship with one another. there is no victim, no criminal intent, and no rational argument that does not appeal to the logical fallacy of an unprovable authority to declare it immoral.

  6. Thanks for offering your opinion, but it's not an opinion to say that man is made for woman, and woman is made for man. What a man does with a man is beyond testing the bounds of nature with the fixed winged and flight. This kind of relativism is dangerous and exactly the same reasoning that that perverts employ to justify "man-boy" love, and other such perversions.

  7. Anonymous9:10 AM

    It is this kind of moral certainty , moral certainty that has been wrong again and again and caused so much human suffering. The certainty without proof you are right and others are wrong is what leads civilizations to theocratic tyrannies like the Taliban.

  8. Space flight is simply a mode of transportation - a very safe mode of transportation. It's no more immoral than a wheel.

    And your message was deleted. Please keep it clean.

    But it is not my opinion that sodomy is unnatural. The spread of disease among homosexuals is not harmless, as you try to depict. Two homosexuals who just want to be to themselves is what you claim they want, but that is not the reality. The moment the AIDS virus spread among homosexuals at a rate of about 90% of all cases, all of the sudden it became the governments fault for not doing more. The transmission of the disease was related through unclean acts of homosexuality, prostitution, and drug use (only a very small portion were from blood transfusions). If you deny this you choose to not know. You are not correct to say these things are relative to heterosexual marriage or to being black. The homosexual lifestyle is not relative to being black. The homosexual lifestyle is not relative to the standard, traditional, biologically ordered heterosexual family.

    And it is not a logical fallacy to rely on these things. You are accepting premises that are false. It's true that I believe some things are morally right or wrong. If you don't believe in God, I supposed any sexual encounter would be relative - man with animal, or man with boy?

    I'm not an alarmist. Again, homosexual relations is not relative to two homosapiens of different race being married. You have difficulty seeing the truth.
    The heterosexual, monogamous marriage is the safest place for sexual relations. If you deny that, then I know you are morally compromised.

    And don't think we are unwise to the aims of people like you. It was not many years ago that the aim was to simply come out of the closet. Well the gays and lesbians came out of the closet and now they flaunt their immoral lifestyles out of the bedroom. A gay pride parade isn't your typical family event. And now that Gay and Lesbians have come out, the transvestites, cross-dressing, crowd are demanding their rights. No, they are not just staying to themselves. They want their own bathrooms. Coming out of the closet tomorrow will be more perversion and it will be people like you who justify it as nothing.

  9. Anonymous9:02 AM

    So when was it that you choose to become a heterosexual, bigot?

    Homosexuality is not a choice, and your repeating that it is does not make it so.

  10. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Your AIDS remarks are interesting, though hardly surprising. AIDS is spread through unsafe sex practices, not homosexual practices. Heterosexuals can also contract AIDS sexually. You know that Christian missionaries have also brought disease to aboriginal communities without the immune systems to fight it killing off many (>90%). By your logic then missionary work is immoral. They also go to foreign lands and bring disease back with them, immoral.

    You'll never stop this freedom movement, maybe you should move to a theocracy where you'll be happier.

  11. Yeh, I think that is the point. Homosexual sex is unsafe sex. And just because you say homosexual relations are not a choice doesn't make it so.

    I can see how corrupted your thinking is. To relate homosexual transmission of AIDS (almost 90% of cases from this) to a missionary passing on a disease through casual contact is evidence of this.

    You may advance your movement, but it will only be through lies and obfuscation.

  12. There actually is no conclusive evidence whatsoever to say that homosexuality is not a choice,or that it is inborn, or immutable. Yes, many homosexuals who are interviewed today report -as they are taught by the politically correct community- that they were always homosexual. But, this is very interesting when compared with interviews from the 30's -before homosexuality was accepted as inborne- when the vast majority of homosexuals reported having become homosexuals at some point in their life. What has remained constant is that there is not one shred of conclusive evidence to support that homosexuality is inborn as opposed to a perversion. Every attempt at finding this evidence has been overturned or is questionable at best -you name the study.

    On the other hand, there needs to be only one case of a heterosexual who became homosexual later in life or a homosexual who became heterosexual to prove that homosexuality is not immutable and not inborn, and therefore not a civil rights issue. In fact there are many such cases, as is evidenced by the ex-gay movement.

    Now there is an argument from nature about the "backwardness" or "pervertedness" or at least peculiarity of homosexual sex, which is that homosexual sex does not seem to take into account how the body is designed (or evolved if you insist) to accomodate intercouse. While science does seem to have a clear understanding of how human sex is naturally accomplished, homosexual sex does not conform to this natural pattern, for males it is actually physically damaging, and it carries with it an increased risk for the spread of disease. I think some level of crudeness is in line for this statement, because when our society can no longer figure out what goes where I suspect we are in trouble.

    Missionary activity, on the other hand, we admit is quite unnatural. Its motivation is spiritual not natural. If people did not understand this spiritual motivation then missionaries would be considered insane (which sometimes they are), because who would leave his/her natural home to live in a less hospitable invironment to persuade people of a certain belief system or philosophy? So by natural standards, mission work doesn't make sense, just as homosexuality doesn't.

  13. Zack, Well said.
    Thank you.



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