Sunday, August 03, 2008


"A 93-year-old Florida brother contributed to the defeat of evolutionists in his state." Evolution theorists aren't satisfied to have their say. Now they want to ram into our children's heads that Evolution is not only theory, but is a "fundamental fact". What's this all about? It's all about the battle to control the words in school text books. It is about eradicating for good the idea of the Creator. One Christian, Fred R. Bogle, or Orlando Florida was not about to sit by idly. He got busy when he heard what the Evolutionists were up to in his state. For more of the story, go here.

Remember, the evolutionists haven't decided yet if life began first on the backs of crystals or if it was the result of aliens seeding the planet. Despite the obvious gaps in their theory, they press on. O, the foolishness of those who deny God! Praise the Lord for Brother, Bogle and all who defend the faith.

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