Monday, November 26, 2012


In Romans, Paul preached faith in Jesus Christ and righteousness through faith, Rom. 5:1. The message of faith in Christ is God's plan to save sinful man from going to hell, Rom. 5:6-11. 

A major obstacle to preaching Jesus and righteousness by faith is the propensity of man to trust in himself and to trust the works of the flesh instead of Christ. Thus in the Romans letter we have the example of the Jewish element, who insisted on keeping the Law and demanding that Christians keep circumcision and Sabbaths, and etc, were very antagonistic to the message of faith, Rom. 9:30-32. They demanded reliance upon the Law of Moses. Paul made it clear that we must choose Christ or the Law, the latter of which cannot do for us what faith in Christ can do, Rom. 4:4, 8:1:2; see also 3:19-24; 7:4; 8:2; 10:4-6; 11:4.

One means of besmirching the preaching of Paul and the Gospel of Christ was to spread the lie that "faith in Christ" meant Paul was preaching a license to sin, Rom. 3:8; 6:1,15; cf Gal. 5:13. Paul taught no such thing though modern Denominations actually do teach a form of this in their "faith alone" doctrines. According to Paul, faith in Christ meant obedient faith by dying to sin, Romans 6:3-7. The Jews who tried to pin on Paul the "sin more that grace might increase' were condemned for their lie. And those who teach today the "faith only" doctrine are equally wrong and condemned.

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