Wednesday, October 29, 2014


If you saw Jesus walking down the street today, what is the first thing you would ask Him?
I know a man who is religious and God fearing, but he isn't a Christian. He refuses to be baptized according to the scriptures. I understand this is a biggy, and in the final analysis he's lost, but in every visible way this man has more faith than I've seen in many baptized believers.
I'll ask this man, "how are you?" And he'll answer each time, "I'm always good because of Jesus." And this isn't selective words he offers to me knowing I'm a preacher, because I've known him for 24 years and everyone that's knows him says the same about him. The man's words reveal what's always on his mind.
If we saw Jesus today, what would we say to Him? Would it be a complaint? Would it be a request for money? Would it be thanks? Would it be words expressing the desire to be always in His presence? Our words tell where we are in our spiritual walk.
God is ultimately going to judge each one of us on what was most important in our lives. If making money was most important, then worshiping God was less important. If serving Jesus was most important, then giving our time and money was done to visit the sick and spiritually lost.
What's most important to you? Jesus wants to know. Humbly yours, Dan

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