Thursday, May 04, 2017


What you want or desire is what will guide you today. When you lament that you lack will power, consider that it is the desire that you lack.
"I want to read the Bible daily, but lack the will power." "I want to be stronger, but I lack the will power to go to the gym." "I want to diet, but I lack the will power." "I want to come to church every Sunday, but I lack the will power." "I want to do better on my grades, but I lack the will power to put down the remote
control and hit the books." What is the real problem? Desire. What are we doing instead of doing these good things? We are doing exactly what we desire.
What you desire the most in life is what will guide you every day. Desires come and go, changing by hours and days. I know that some will object and say, "I really do desire to do better, but just can't." If this were true, then you would be doing it. The problem that we often have is that we have competing and conflicting desires. You may really desire to put God first, but the desire for self is just a little bit stronger. Only what we desire the very most in life will keep us on a sustained proper course.
What I desire most will come out in my prayers. What I desire most is what I will talk about. What I desire most is what makes me jump into action. What I desire most is what breaks my heart when miss the target. What I desire most is what I focus my eyes and ears on. Money and time are of no obstacle to what I desire the most. If I desire to win the lottery, I'll spend $50 a week on tickets (this is definitely not my desire). If I want the satisfaction of a cool and smooth cigarette, then I'll spend $15 a day to have my desire (not my desire). If I want the feeling of a new car, a whole paycheck isn't too much to pay. Money nor time are an obstacle to me getting my desire.
God is paying attention to our desires. Jesus, more than anything else, wanted to do His Father's will, Hebrews 10:7-9. Paul wanted to do God's will, Romans 7:19. Our choices today will be informed mostly by what are our greatest desires. It's the greatest desire that keeps us on track. And the greatest desire a man should have is to do the will of God.
Number one desire? To be pleasing in the sight of God. To live today so as to please Him. I want to adjust my time, my activities, my thinking so that He is pleased with me, his son.

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