Thursday, October 16, 2014


I'm writing this as a friend and as a Minister of the Gospel.  The devil will destroy everything that's good. That means the most basic things must be defiled. Our children are innocent and God says we are not to be a stumbling block to them. That means we must teach them truth and protect them from the world. 
"...but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure, but both their mind and their consciences are defiled." Tit.1:15
Let me state the obvious: our precious children are boys and girls, male and female, just as God made them to be. We know this by biology and we know God's design is true. But it's not so obvious to a godless culture. This Biblical and Biological reality is being perverted. 

Now the Public Schools are being forced to not show discrimination and are being encouraged to use terms for boys and girls that are "gender inclusive" (Google it). "Male and Female" are terms that are too restrictive for our enlightened day and age. Schools are under pressure to establish policies that will be "gender neutral" so that the "transgender gender" students can participate in the male or female sport they chose. No kidding, your daughters may be playing against a male who is dressing like a girl. And the boy will be admitted into the girls locker room.

From the Christian Science Monitor, " Also, the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) is currently considering policies that would allow transgender students to participate in sports based on their gender identity, not their birth sex. According to a report from local NBC affiliate KARE-TV, the draft of the policy, which will be discussed in the MSHSL December meeting, does not specifically address locker room and restroom requirements, and private schools are not excluded from the policy."1

No longer are there two "genders", which is properly called sexes (Gender originally only applied to grammar, masculine gender, feminine gender, neuter gender, but now the term is misused), because our society has decided to accept the "gay gender" and the "Lesbian gender". Yes, "Gay" is now a third gender. "Lesbian" is a fourth. I'm not making this up. Read for yourselves. And it gets worse. The Australian Human Rights Commission has identified at least 23 genders. It's complete nonsense, but now they want us to accept that there is bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersexed, transsexual, androgynous, agender, cross dresser, genderfluid, genderqueer, intergender, neutrois, pansexual, pan-gendered, sistergirl, and there's more.

The Bible says, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil." Isaiah said those words concerning those who make normal into abnormal and make the abnormal, normal. "Genderfluid" is not normal. But such nonsense is being mainstreamed.

What is more natural than "boy" and "girl"? These designations must be destroyed for evil to advance. Why are schools toying with the idea of removing "boys" and "girls" signs from the bathroom doors? Because the terms aren't gender inclusive. Why are teachers in Nebraska encouraged to refer to little children as "purple penguins" or some such designation? Because lining the children up according to male and female is discriminatory against the little gays, lesbians, and the transgenders.

I have researched and written before about the National Sexuality Education Standards (NSES) that's part of the Federal Government Standardization of Education on the Federal level. Just as Common Core (Math and English) and Next Generation (Science) is the standardization of education on the Federal level, so the NSES is the standardizing of sex ed to Public School children. And I have the evidence from their documents that masturbation and teaching the normalcy of homosexuality is part of K-grade 2 goals.

We live in evil times. Protect your children from the indoctrination of a godless society. I am not saying for you to take your kids out of the public schools. But I'm saying it is your God-given responsibility to protect your children against this indoctrination. We all have to know what it coming and that our children or grandchildren's good sense is going to be attacked. Teach your children what is normal "family", what is God-designed sexuality, and that God made them male and female.

I say all of this in truth and in love.

Dan Mayfield


Saturday, October 11, 2014


David the Psalmist said, "May He remember all your meal offerings; And find your burnt offering acceptable!" Psalm 20:3.  This is a prayer Psalm about seeking and finding help from the LORD in times of trouble.  I gather that God is especially mindful, attentive, or amenable to the prayers of those who have lived a life of sacrificial service to Him. They didn't live this way to "earn" anything except for a great reward in heaven, which showed in they way they lived in faith. 

I have known Christians who give more than they get. They do not love their money. It's just a tool which they put to work for God's purposes of advancing righteousness in the world.  And for their faith, their reward in heaven is what far surpasses all they could ever give. Theirs was a sacrificial life where money, time, and talents were given to the LORD without any expectation of being repaid.
Give more than you expect to receive. I have also known Christians, and it pains me to say this, but who expect more than they would ever give. The hand is always out and they know they will receive help from the church. But when the contribution plate goes by, they put in a pittance. When times are good they have money for buying new electronics, for vacations, for cigarettes and expensive eating out. But they gave little during these times. Perhaps they misapplied the story by Jesus of the widow's mite and thought that's all they had to give.  But the widow didn't have a big double car garage with costly toys and vacations and the niceties of life. The widow gave sacrificially, giving all she had. But there are many Christians, and I know this is true, whose sacrifice is the bare minimum they can muster up the nerve to take from their wallet and put in the plate. It's sad because it's a materialism thing.
I have seen a problem and it's probably one that's as old as man where people spend their resources on their wants and then they must beg for their needs. We should not be the kind of Christians who pay for our wants (God sees the flat screen TV and the new cars in the driveway) and then beg for the things we need. Pay for your food first and clothe your children first because those are needs, and then if there is money left after you have give to God, then purchase your wants. But to do it the other way is unspiritual.
I don't see evidence in Scripture that those who love their money can expect to find God's help in the day of trouble. Isaiah 55:6 says to "seek the Lord while He may be found."  I suppose it all boils down to what or Who we really trust. I offer this out of love with humility, looking unto myself first. God bless. Dan

Sunday, October 05, 2014


The first family was headed by Adam with his wife Eve. With their children, they made the first family. As the offspring married (they married siblings) they produced new families. Family, the "nuclear" family is a man and woman and the children they produce.

Merriam Webster defines it "the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children;" But to reflect the modern condition, Merriam Webster also includes family to be: any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family - a single-parent family"

Now, the modern "equivalent" family has a foundation of brokenness - the pieces cobbled together from pure and impure pieces. There is great pressure in society (felt even in public schools where a mural produced by a student depicting the "nuclear" family had to be removed because it would be insensitive to the children whose "families" fit the modern definition) to redefine family to mean gay and lesbian couples who get a hold of children through adoption or from previous heterosexual relationships one or both had. Next, and mark by words, family will be accepted as polygamist. "Threesomes" (3 females, for example) are already exerting pressure for society to be accepted.

The foundation of society must be the family as God designed it. The modern family definition begins with brokenness of marriage and home and commitment. This is not the way to build stable society. We need to preach marriage, permanent and committed, or we will be unfaithful to God and we will be participants in the malaise that's unfolding before our eyes.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


The Gospel means "good news". These words don't mean much these days. "Gospel" is all but ignored and it's rarely heard save in the pulpit. And "good" seems a little flat for something that is more like marvelous, excellent or exceptional. It's called the "Great" Commission that Jesus gave to the disciples. Why not, instead of "good", call it the "Great News!" The message of Jesus isn't just "good", it's the most amazing news that's ever been printed or proclaimed publicly. How should a person respond to something so amazing?

Are you trying to figure out how to balance your belief of Jesus into all of the other interests you have? Do you struggle to pray? Does the Bible collect dust on a shelf? Is your giving practically nothing compared to what you give to your wants? Is it difficult for you to regularly attend the worship assembly with Christians? You are just so busy, after all. And what about the Wednesday night class? Oh, I know, you are quick to point out that that's just an expedient and not required in the Scriptures. Well, what about the Monday night study or the Thursday morning study? I know, a man has to work and provide for his family. But do you see that God sees how you are dodging the real matter of being fully committed to Him?

When God is a man's priority, he doesn't do as little as is required to get to heaven. He's the one that is the servant of all. He's the one that feels especially charged to be the encourager of others. He gives liberally of himself. Sacrifice isn't just a word, but it defines his life for Christ.I will admit that I'm encouraged by all Christians who give much and by those who give little, but mostly by those who give much. I am glad even for a little encouragement by weak or infant Christians. And I hope they will grow and in time become the sacrificial givers and move beyond the infancy stage that's gone on for years.

The Gospel is excellent, great news. I don't know about you, but when I hear excellent news, I am personally moved. I start talking and changing things in my life. To know that Jesus died for my sins and that He arose from the grave to give me eternal life, makes me supremely thankful. My life is His to do with as He pleases.

Take a look at your life. Take a look at your priorities. Are you a living sacrifice for Jesus, Rom 12:1,2? If the sacrifice of your life looks more like the leftover scraps that wouldn't even satisfy a dog, then you haven't been moved by the Supremely good news of Jesus Christ.


"worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling" Ps 2:11
I is apparent to me that something is lost in modern worship towards God. There is no fear. When Christians fear the Lord, they do bring to God what pleases Him. What pleases them should never even come into the discussion. Reverent fear and trembling makes us to bring only the worship which God has prescribed.
But today the typical worship service - and I've experienced them many times when happening in for a visit - is standing, swaying, clapping, loud music with the decibels way too high. People love this. And they are offended if reminded that worship isn't about pleasing man. The attitude is disturbing to me that besides there being little care about orderliness and edification (which doesn't happen by a string being picked) but there is a lack of fear for bringing what God didn't prescribe. Where is the fear?
What should we do? Speak only the Word of God. Do not be presumptuous to add opinion. Eat and drink the emblems of the Lord's Supper and use that time to reflect back on the sacrifice of Jesus. "Celebrating" the second coming of Jesus isn't what the Lord's Supper is about. And it perturbs me to no end to suggest that the words "until he comes", as in "you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes" (1 Cor 11:26), is telling us that the Lord's Supper is a looking forward to the second coming of Christ. It is a memorial and the memorial is observed until he comes again - that's all. So if you do not wish to reinterpret the meaning of the memorial, do not use that period of worship to direct men's spirits forward into the future. Look back when you eat the bread and drink the cup. Worship that is reverent includes singing. What's that? You play the guitar? That's nice, do it at home because our time of worship in the assembly is not the time to showcase your talent of music making. We sing because God said to sing, Eph 5:19; Col. 3:16. And in reverent worship, there is prayer to the Father through the Son, Jesus Christ, 1 Tim 2:5. And Christians worship by bringing a sacrifice of thanks in the offering of money. It is a worldly person, unconverted in spirit, who is willing to worship God to the point of giving, but then little to nothing is given in the contribution. Why give anything? Well has God given to you? Is your home, car, food, savings, and material gain not the bounty from God? Giving money is the way to demonstrate faith in God's hand to supply your needs. This is undoubtedly the faith belief rather than the carnal mind that says, "Thanks for nothing God...I have all of this by my own effort." I have heard such a mocking but it's not the attitude of someone who understands God. So in your giving, show the same reverence and trembling so that selfishness doesn't hinder your faith.
When men dismiss the Bible and speak their opinions, they do not trembling at the Lord. When men turn worship into a carnival or a music concert, they intentionally turn the focus to pleasing men which is idolatry. The reverence for God doesn't allow us to pray to dead saints who cannot hear. The reverent worship of God is a sacrifice and anything less than a sacrifice is as displeasing to God as offering nothing.
I'm writing this to remind us to begin our worship in the proper frame of mind by focusing on reverence. Watch for people to get defensive and respond with passages against fearing God.  And it's true that perfect love cast out all fear (1 Jn 4), but when love is not perfected because men offer to Him self-willed worship, they should fear. When we truly revere God, our actions in worship will be done according to His will.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


There are real super heroes and there are fictional ones. We know the real super heroes have super human strength and can do feats that mortal man cannot do. Flying, beating alien villains, breaking mountains in half, destroying steel tanks, etc, are all possible by real super heroes. But "fictional" super heroes can do none of these.

Where are the "fictional" super heroes? They are on television every night, three or four times a night, on the cop and investigative fictional shows. And every one of them has fictional super powers. They don't claim to be anything more than human but they can out run, out shoot, and they can out-think anyone they encounter - . They are bullet proof and portray themselves as super human.

Especially prominent and my "favorite" to loathe fictional super heroes are the women on these shows. They are tougher and better than any man. This becomes apparent when the men stand aside and let the woman slug the bad guy who gets knocked out cold. This tough superiority of the female super hero arises often when a couple of men on the show are trading words in heated argument and the superior woman interrupts very smartly and says something like, "When you two finish measuring your manhood, we have work to do." The message is clear: she is so above these silly men. They shut up and tuck their tails and manhood and give her due super hero respect - just like the Hollywood script tells them to do. And when she has taken down the arch villain, the homicidal murdering rapists, the fellow law enforcers look back and forth, bowing and giving homage to the awesome badness of the super hero woman. There's a message in all of this that's coming from our godless culture that says there's no difference between man and woman.

But there is a difference and we know it to our very core. With the Ray Rice video where he does the despicable deed of knocking the woman out cold, we have been told by everyone from the Vice President of the United States on down that a man never, never, never hits a woman. Of course I agree. But why aren't the people pushing super hero status of women jumping up and saying, "That's sexist to say a woman is never hit because it implies the weakness of a woman."? Why they aren't standing up and defending the sameness of male and female is because they know it's a fiction.

Do I believe women are weak? Sure, the Bible and Biology says so. Her hormones, designed by God, do not equip her with the strength that male hormones equip the man with. The Bible says she's the weaker vessel. Only a blind person would say otherwise. The Bible says she is to be honored, 1 Pt 3:7. A woman has equal worth and value to God and to godly men. A woman has her own strengths that are many and she is greatly valued by spiritual people. Just take a look at the "worthy woman" of Proverbs 31 and you'll see the virtue and strength that is possible in woman. My issue here is with the fiction being pushed that women are the same as men. The dialogue of a television show pushing this super hero persona is so far from reality that it's revolting to me.

A godly person, man or woman, is fighting more meaningful battles and is victorious in ways the Hollywood crowd could only wish to approximate. In Hollywood and popular culture, it's just play and pretend. Comparatively, the regular meme of the super, super, super tough woman of television is no match. WHEN A GODLY WOMAN FIGHTS FOR HER FAMILY AND SACRIFICES HER VERY LIFE TO BRING HER CHILDREN UP TO WALK BEFORE THE LORD, THAT'S A WOMAN WORTHY OF HERO STATUS. Christians who fight the spiritual battles and stand for the Truth in the face of strong opposition, that's the story that should be portrayed on the nightly shows. But television "fictional" super heroes are too worldly to play a real hero.

Let's teach our children about the real heroes of faith in Hebrews 11. Let's teach them about David slaying a giant and Samson and Josiah who did great things for the Lord. Let's teach our daughters about the courage of Deborah the Judge, Ruth, and Sarah. Let's teach our children about the godly men and women who have left homes to take the Gospel into the world. Saints have given their lives for the cause of Christ. They are the real heroes. Moms who strive to exemplify the spirit of Christ for their family are heroes. Dads who are spiritually strong and sacrifice themselves to lead and provide for their families are the heroes we should give honor to.

Said with love and respect for God's men AND women. - Dan Mayfield

Saturday, September 20, 2014


The Scriptures show that God designed marriage. A male and female joined together, not to be separated, for life, to procreate and make a family. All of this is true.
But the sinful world has perverted, twisted, distorted, and controverted God's design. Marriage for life becomes living together until we can figure out if we like this arrangement or not. God's family founded on biological realities has become "Framilies" and "Throuples" (threesomes) and "Blended" and, "Hey, whatever you love, even an inanimate object, you can marry it." Satan is the author of this mess. No part of the perversion can be accepted.
Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage? Addressing the problem of remarriage is one of the hardest, not the hardest, but one of the hardest, parts of ministry.
I wish there were no such thing as consequences when it comes to marriage. But Jesus said, "what God has joined together, let no man separate." So what's the consequence if men do separate what God has joined together? We know there's a whole lot of separating going on today. We know there's a lot of ignoring this injunction by Jesus. Do we say, "Oh well, it's separated and let's just agree to move on, sanction and give our approval to marrying again."? That seems to make nothing of the words, "Let no man separate." To "separate" what God joined together is a sin, agreed? At the very least should we agree that the judges, lawyers, preachers, and counselors who counseled "separation from what God joined together" are rebelliously shaking their fist at God's law and design for marriage? Is this not the bane on society, this cavalier attitude men have demonstrated towards "let not man separate"? Clearly there's little regard for these words of Christ that marriage is not to be separated.
I understand consequences in everything else and so why do I find this one so difficult? It's difficult because I love people. It's always hard telling someone they are lost and unless they repent, putting away the adultery, they are going to hell. I'm not the first one to feel the burden of standing for the clear teaching and implication of God's Truth. I won't be the last. So should I feel sorry for myself? No. Should I shrink back and be silent; letting God sort it all out later? No. While it is day, we have to preach the Truth.
The word of God when it goes out separates. Some men, by free will, become receptive to God's Word and then some men reject it. That's what we are to expect when we teach the Truth. In a world where there's a lot of "separating what God has joined together", we should expect that many people are going to remain separated from God.
"So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it." Isa. 55:11
Like the judgement of God that will divide the wheat from the chaff, so God's word is preached and there will be many who are living in sin and have no interest in putting away the sin. From my personal vantage point, I love these people and I often sense they have some love for God, much like the rich young ruler (Lk 18), so when I tell them they have sin in their lives that must be put away if they wish to go to heaven, they often make the choice to walk away sad. From my vantage point, it's very hard. Jesus let the young man walk away even though Jesus had a love for him. God's word preached and taught faithfully is going to accomplish what God intended and that means that some people will not repent. That's reality and it hurts for everyone involved.
I'm standing for Truth first and foremost. The Gospel is preached to all but I understand most people are not going to be saved. That's the reality. The people who hear the Gospel and walk away sad are not just nameless faces. They are our moms, brothers, best friends, co-workers, spouses, and new acquaintances. Because God gave us the capacity to love and care for souls, the feelings of love and compassion, fear and dread, are going to intertwine themselves in the conversation. God's Word goes out and accomplishes it's purpose, separating the honest and closed hearts. But even the receptive hearts who accept and agree God is right find it very difficult to cut the ties and make the breaks so that the unrepentant sinner goes away sad. As hard as teaching the Truth is, I'm going to stand with the Truth.
My heart is for God, first and foremost. When this ungodly world wreaks havoc on God's plan for marriage and the family, the destruction has to be judged.
When I look at the Scriptures, I find that all marriages are not acceptable to God. If people would only ask God, and consult the Scriptures first, they would ask God, "Can I marry or can I marry this man or this woman", and the Scriptures would answer, "No, not always, not this person". John the Baptist didn't say, like the weak preachers do today, "Herod, just say you are sorry and that you won't do it again, and you can be married to Herodias." Now if that one example were the only one in the Bible, it would still be enough proof we need to show that all marriages are not acceptable to God and that the only correct thing to do is repent by putting the wife away. But that's not all the evidence. In Matthew 19, Jesus said "for any reason" you may not divorce your wife and remarry: only if she were sexually unfaithful may you do so. The teaching by Jesus was so shocking and strict that the disciples themselves said, "If it's like this, it's better not to marry." Indeed, they saw the consequences clearly meant not all remarriages are acceptable to God. And Jesus added the icing to the cake, making his point crystal clear, by suggesting lifelong abstinence from sex is the choice many must make if they wish to go to heaven. This seems harsh to modern preachers. I have a feeling it seemed just as harsh when Jesus said it.
Judgement is going to be harsh. A Eunuch was a castrated man who did not have sex. I don't believe Jesus was suggesting for us to counsel an operation any more than he intended for their to be Christians with only one eye and one hand. But stopping the sin is essential. When Jesus spoke compassionately to the woman "caught in the very act of adultery" He said to her to "go and sin no more". This meant no more of this sex thing you are doing. Abstinence is a consequence for people that must be chosen if they wish to go to heaven. Like the world today, in Jesus' day there were preachers who wanted to tell men they could divorce and remarry for any cause. But Jesus said, "No", and "what God has joined together let no man separate." Some are able to accept this and many are not able to accept it. I stand with God and with His Truth, as hard as it is to do so.
I stand with marriage so that young people I know and whom I love will make better decisions about their marriage choices while they are young and able to. If these young people heard me saying, "Don't worry if you married bad the first time, just remarry again and again until you get it right because God will forgive and accept all of your marriages." But if I teach the harsh reality of one marriage for life, they are much more likely to select their mate with greater discrimination and when in tough spots in their marriage they are much more likely to work through the problems they'll encounter. That's why I stand with God's Truth on marriage. I'm not going to compromise the reality of God's design - which young people need to see practiced and need to hear preached - just so that I can feel better about confronting all the divorced people.
I say all of this with the greatest amount of love possible. Sincerely, Dan

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


"Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage." - Anonymous

"What happens after repentance and baptism for unscriptural marriages and divorces? ( Dave Miller, Apologetics Press) First, much is accomplished at the point of biblical baptism, but baptism was never designed to change a sinful practice into an acceptable one, or to transform a sinful relationship into a righteous one. Prostitutes, homosexuals, polygamists, bisexuals, bigamists, and adulterers must sever their relationships.

Second, the biblical doctrine of forgiveness must not be confused with the equally biblical doctrine of the consequences of sin. Being forgiven never implies that all of the consequences of sin will be erased. Past sin may be blotted out, but the consequences of past sin generally remain. For example: Syphilis of the brain is a lasting consequence of a promiscuous lifestyle; Permanent removal from the garden was a lasting penalty and consequence of the sin of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3); Being banned from Canaan was a lasting penalty of Moses’ sin (Deuteronomy 32:51-52), though he could be forgiven and one day be in heaven (Revelation 15:3); God pardoned the murmurers (Numbers 14:20)—but the negative effects of their sin were lasting and disastrous (Numbers 14:29-35); Esau’s mistake of selling his inheritance rights could not be rectified—“though he sought it diligently with tears” (Hebrews 12:17).

This biblical principle simply does not square with the notion that if anyone has to break up a marriage, too much is expected of them and forgiveness is not really what it’s “cracked up” to be. If biblical history teaches us anything, it teaches us that people cannot sin and then expect to have things the way they were before. More often than not, much suffering comes upon those who violate God’s will, even though they may be forgiven and have the hope of heaven.

So it is with marriage. People may reject God’s laws of marriage and fly in the face of His will. They may then be forgiven, but they may also have gotten their lives into such a fix that they will have no choice but to live single and celibate the rest of their lives. Such is not a reflection upon God’s justice or mercy. Rather, such is a reflection of man’s own stubborn disobedience and rejection of what God designed to be for man’s good. Just as a person can sin and in so doing lose his physical life without God intervening to prevent the effect of the sin (e.g., rob a bank and be killed by the police), likewise a person can so sin in the marital realm that he or she forfeits marital life without God intervening."
Be encouraged !

Monday, September 08, 2014


The Hebrews writers said, "Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with grief, for this would be unprofitable for you." Heb. 13:17.

Korah rebelled against Moses, God's chosen leader, and God killed Korah, Numbers 16.

The rebellious teens mocked Elisha, God's prophet, and so Elisha cursed them and they were killed by two bears, 2 Kings 2:23,24.

When the ungodly world turns against God's preachers, as in when they go out two by two, it says the ungodly will be killed, Rev. 11:3-5.

So when people talk bad about the Elders, is there a consequence? Paul said to Timothy, "19 Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. 20 Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.", 1 Tim 5:19,20.

Even David of Israel, when he had what appeared to be legitimate gripes against King Saul, would not speak against or do anything against the King.

Today, the Elders are in the position they are in for a reason which is according to God's wisdom. And the church is to follow and give them respect. Let us respect their place that God has brought them to. They have a job that is not easy.

Sincerely, Dan Mayfield


"Doing" the will of God is what is required to be saved. The time Jesus' family came to see Him but could not get close because of the crowd, Jesus told the people, "My Mother and my Brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it.", Lk 8:21. 

A lot of denominational folks will talk about salvation in general terms as "accepting" or "receiving", or they may even allow the need for the sinner to believe and say a sinner's prayer. But they do not believe you must "do" anything to be saved. But it is Jesus' words that contradict them. The one that does not do the word of God will not be in His family. It is not hearers of the Gospel who are saved, but it is doers who will be saved, 2 Thess 1:8.

If a person thinks he is saved when all he has done is believe, he has been taught and believes a lie. Who is the foolish and wise man, Mt 7:24ff? Is it not the one who hears His words and acts upon them? Who is the one who loves Jesus, Jn 14:15? Is it not the one who shows his love by obeying Jesus? Is belief without works enough to save a man, Jn 14:42,43? No it is not because belief without doing what you have heard is an incomplete faith. The scriptures show clearly that faith alone is not enough to gain entrance into Jesus' family, Jas 2:14-26.

Remember that we are not justified by our works; that is, not by putting out faith in our works. But we are justified by faith in the working of God; that is, when we have an obedient faith that trust God will save, Col 2:12,13; Rom 1:5; 16:26.

Do you believe God is one and that He is to be loved with all your heart? Then show your love and He will be pleased. God is not interested in the lipservice which many give to Him, Mt 15:7-9. Do you believe you are to love your neighbor as you love yourself? If so, be careful that you don't discriminate against those God would readily accept into the church, Jas 2:1ff; Gal 2:12. Lk 15:6,7.

To be saved we must do the will of God. Our mission is to wash feet and go into the highways and byways and carry our crosses for Jesus. Do it or you cannot be Jesus Brother. I say this in love and respect. - Dan Mayfield


Spiritual people never fall away as no amount of suffering or injustice shown them could make them leave The Lord. But weak Christians who have hidden sins they have harbored will eventually fall away. They will never blame their own doubting minds. They will never blame their lack of prayer and study of God's Word. They will never admit they just don't love The Lord or His church. When they fall, they will blame others, and will never, never, never take responsibility. Truth.

Years ago when we were young Christians we fell away. We blamed it on the boring preaching. The preacher himself admitted that 2/3rds of his preaching was negative. But the truth is that we were to blame because we put our own fleshly desires to sleep in on Sundays. We were not praying and studying God's Word as we should. We were fully to blame but at the time, true to my premise, we blamed the preacher.

Be strong in the faith and be an encouragement to the rest of the church. I say this in love, Dan Mayfield


Determination and grit are necessary ingredients to truly living the Christian life. There is nothing worthwhile in all of life that comes easy. A great family. A great name. A great commendation by Almighty God. God created us to live with gritty determination to push through the difficulties and setbacks.
"Be on the alert, 
stand firm in the faith, 
act like men, 
be strong." - 1 Cor. 16:13
Some people will turn away from you but others will stand strong by your side. And with the faith that God is working all things together for good because you love Him, how can a man help but be successful!

To all of my friends who find themselves in a challenging stage in their lives, hunker down and don't be moved. Admit faults when you have them. Learn from your mistakes. Draw strength from the beautiful woman beside you (if you have one). And rest well tonight. Tomorrow start with a prayer and then hit the ground running.

To my friend who reads this and thinks I'm talking to him, I probably am. I'm rooting for you! Sincerely, Dan

Saturday, August 30, 2014


"No Gold Can Remain" is the title of a book that caught my attention. Instead of reading the book, I started thinking about losing God's blessings. When a city has been sacked by an invading enemy, as with Babylon's first invasion of Jerusalem, all of the precious things were collected and carried away, 2 Kgs 25:13-17. NO GOLD REMAINED.

It is like this in a man's life when his home and very soul is invaded by the evil world. NO "GOLD" WILL REMAIN. When a man leaves the precious things of God in favor of fleshly pursuits, NO PRECIOUS BLESSINGS OF GOD WILL REMAIN.

"36 For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul? 37 For what will a man give in exchange for his soul?" Mk 8:37
It is foolishness that he can't or won't see that he has traded away the jewels of a heavenly crown for the momentary pleasures of wood, hay and stubble. Loving the world and thing in the world comes with great costs of soul and much more. Family happiness and unity can be destroyed. Morals are weakened and boundaries are crossed that can cost spouse, children, jobs, health, and life. God's blessings vanish.

When a man gives away his soul to enjoy the sinful indulgences of this life, he also opens his house and home to be sacked of everything that is golden.


The desire to follow the Bible, word for word, neither adding nor taking away from it, is not an attempt to establish one's own righteousness. Jesus said, "he that does the will of my Father in heaven" will have salvation, Mt 7:21ff. And he said as a final charge to the Apostles to make disciples, baptizing them, and "teaching them to observe all that I commanded." So Christians strive to do all that Jesus commanded and they consider adding or taking away from His word to be anathema.

To do God's Word to be seen by men and receive their praise IS seeking one's own righteousness, Mt 6:1ff. Making rules for men to follow that promise to help men walk in God's law is establishing one's own righteousness: this righteousness is rooted in man pleasing man by following man's teaching, Mt 15:2. When the work is done to be declared righteous by men it is Pharisaism. When the work that is done is man's doctrine and not God's, that is Pharisaism, Mt 15:7-9. To nullify God's Word and replace it with man's teaching and then assuring everyone it is right, that is Pharisaism.

Devotion to Jesus' words is not legalism, not Pharisaism, and so why is the church of Christ accused of being such? Because the accusation is coming from those who assert the rightness of their teachings and they don't get an Amen from the church. They assert,

"You can play musical instruments in worship because adding to the worship is truth as long as it is done in the right spirit. You can divorce and remarry as many times as it takes to get it right without consequence. And women can lead in worship as long as the authority appears to be delegated by men."

When they confidently assert these things and don't get an Amen from the church of Christ, it infuriates them. And so they tack right with the charge of legalism. They are wrong. To do God's will with the right spirit of faith in Him could never be wrong.

To read God's Word and strive to do "all which Jesus commanded" is very good when one's faith is not in the works but is in the saving grace of God. Stop and look at Jesus. Focus on Him and be thankful for His grace. Do you see His example? Imitate it. Do you hear the remarkable teaching from His lips? Do them? This is what people of faith who love Jesus Christ do. To call such people "Pharisees" or "Legalists" is the tactic of the father of lies.


There is no more grievous sin than that of hindering the Truth from being heard and spread to others.

Jesus said to his disciples, "Permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Mk 10:14

The disciples were literally hindering parents from bringing their children to Jesus. For doing this they got a serious warning Jesus who then had the children brought to His arms for a blessing.

Men do not always value what is valuable. Children are of immeasurable value to Jesus. But there are other ways that we can fail to value what is valuable. If Christians act hypocrites in front of children, they encourage children to not follow Jesus. If Christians are selfish and uncommitted to the work of Christ, they encourage others to be half-hearted by the power of their example. If children are not disciplined, then they are like illegitimate children, without parents who love them, Heb 12:5ff.

We can hinder the Gospel by the negative influence of our lives, 1 Cor. 9:12. There are those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, Rom 1:18. They will use their power to silence the Truth of the Gospel. There are those who give people encouragement to practice sin, Rom 1:32. It's a shame and a terrible sin to silence the voice of truth.

Today I heard about a young high school student from Dyer County, Tennessee who received an in-school suspension for saying "bless you" after a classmate sneezed. This isn't liberal New York or California where we've come to expect some hostility against Christianity: it's the so-called Bible Belt where a girl can't say, "bless you". Imagine if she had mentioned Jesus Christ or if she asked someone to come to church!  This is soft persecution the suppression of religious talk. Today it's an in-school suspension. Tomorrow, who knows. I tell you that a society is not practicing freedom of conscience, speech, and religion that can limit something so harmless.

As there is no sitting on the fence on such important matters. All people are either for or against God and our actions either help or hinder the spread of the Gospel. Are we helping or hindering?

When I doubt God's word, I hinder. When I act with prejudice, and make judgments that are evil, I hinder, James 2:1ff. When I suggest the Gospel is about something other than the salvation of souls, I hinder. When I spend all of my time for me, I hinder. When I'm a hypocrite, I hinder.

Paul talked to the Galatians and asked them who hindered them from obeying the truth, Gal. 5:7. False teachers hinder Christians when Christians listen to them. John warned the church about the man Diotrophes who was hindering God's preachers from coming to speak and he was hindering the Christians from embracing God's preachers, 3 John 9,10. Arrogant pride hinders the Gospel. Even the best of God's people can get off track and hinder. Peter removed himself from eating with the Gentile Christians and he hindered Barnabas and others, Gal. 2:12. This was so severe an issue that Paul publicly rebuked Peter for his error. Jesus talked about the hypocritcal Pharisees who would travel the world to make a proselyte only to make the convert twice a son of hell as themselves, Mt 23:15.

I wonder if my words here are considered a hindrance? If I speak the truth, I may hinder men from going the wrong path. And if I speak the truth, but don't have love, then I'm just a noisy gong and a clanging cymbal, 1 Cor 13. I certainly don't mean to hinder anyone from following Jesus Christ. But I write this for myself and for thoughtful and sincere people who want to aid others in coming to Christ. And let us be especially mindful of our children. Exemplify Christ to them. Be consistent and dedicated to the work of Christ. A disciple or train the children to go the right way. I say this in love. Sincerely, Dan

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